bluebottle working with Alice Miller School’s year 9 & 10 students…

“Alice Miller School emphasises the educational value of first hand experiences and dedicates itself passionately to development of student’s artistic abilities. It acknowledges the capacity of artistic expression to contribute to a sense of wellness, fulfilment and joy – and to massively enhance career prospects in the 21st century.”
The philosophy underpinning the invitation to bluebottle director Ben Cobham to facilitate a theatre course.

In response Ben has designed a practical 12 month Theatre Production programme involving Year 9 and 10 students for 2 hours per week. Starting with core practical theatre skills, such as the correct way to coil a cable, the students are progressing through more advanced theatre technical skills, each term focusing on a different aspect of theatre production and by the end of the course the students will have covered lighting, rigging, sound, and project management.

The programme further reflects the “keep it real” philosophy of the school in that the hands on course is integrated with the creation of a performance venue from the school gym, which with acquisition of rigging, lighting, and sound equipment, is being progressively transformed into a theatre venue by the students, with professional help as required. Students are honing their skills through ongoing practical application in school productions three times a year.

Ben says: “ I’m super impressed with the speed with which the students pick up the information and skills”

The hands on classes run along side field trips to professional venues, including the Melbourne Theatre Company, Uni of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music VCA Stables and Chunky Move.

bluebottle is delighted to be engaged with the Alice Miller School.