Authorised Australian Dealer

bluebottle is Australia’s premiere  authorised Pharos dealer. We have a high level of training and are ready to collaborate with you on your next exciting project. We can offer highly competitive pricing combined with commissioning and technical support.

Pharos award-winning products are everywhere. You probably walked past one today. Pharos solutions are installed all over the world, running day and night in theme parks, attractions, state palaces, shopping malls, art installations, churches, museums, airports, bridges and national monuments. Each controller contains the Pharos Engine and Pharos Trigger subsystems, and works seamlessly with the Designer 2 software. Key features that make Pharos the control solution of choice for so many lighting professionals.

Pharos Engine
The intelligent Pharos Engine gives you complete control of your installation. Based on individually controllable and independently running timelines and scenes Engine lets you build dynamic, precise, fully customisable pre-programmed lighting displays, all while giving you the freedom of real-time manual overrides.

Pharos Trigger
Timing is everything. Whatever the stimulus, Pharos Trigger can handle it. You can control your lighting with responsive, creative software. Pharos Trigger is a rules engine that uses conditional logic and a broad range of integration protocols. It can send and receive any command, to any system, exactly when you want it.

Pharos Mapping
Fine tune down to the pixel with Pharos Mapping. Create layout of your installation in Designer, then use mapping to choose how your effects play across it.

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