This Changes Everything

As the appointed Australian Integrator for Xicato, bluebottle is at the centre of cutting edge changes in lighting and control.

Xicato designs and develops light sources and electronics that enable architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces in which people love to live and work. With thousands of installations around the globe, Xicato continues to be a leading supplier of high quality lighting solutions.

At the foundation of the Xicato ecosystem of software, sensors, switches, and accessories, is the XIM Generation 4 (XIM Gen4). The first and so far only LED lighting module to integrate the industry’s best light source, driver, and wireless control system with Bluetooth® beacons capability, all in a 50mm unit.  XIM Gen4 will fundamentally change the way you think about lighting control and smart spaces, with consequential impact on the lighting industry.

XIM Gen4 puts the brush back in the hand of the artist. Powerful, and yet so easy to use that it enables lighting designers to take control of their vision, allowing them to provision their designs from within the lit space. Light system manufacturers can now capture the value of the control system, since it is built into their fixtures. Lighting system engineers and integrators can triple their productivity.

And end users have complete flexibility to configure and reconfigure their spaces without worrying about wiring or complex controllers.

We are excited to be working with Xicato. Contact us about Xicato, click below.