Henry Cruns and Xicato this changes everything

Uni of Melb Arts West Gallery with Henry Crun’s Adolphus Fixture in action

The Adolphus incorporates the Xicato Intelligent Driver (XID), providing app based control of individual fixtures with high quality dimming down to 0.1%.  The XID module enables control via a smartphone or tablet app and/or can be Integrated with a traditional switching system such as a button panel. Additional benefits include, the ability to monitor temperature and the capacity to trigger Information apps.


Integrated Soraa LED & Soraa SNAP Lens system.
The Soraa SNAP System is the perfect answer. Use Adolphus for all your lighting needs throughout a venue / space and modify beam shape and size as you wish. No more opening fixtures from atop ladders or scaffolding, and no more struggling to insert glass lenses in tight lens holders.

CRI 95
Track & surface mount
Available in black or white.
Lumen output  862lm / 3000K  & 1050lm / 4000K
BLE dimming
Local dimming available on request





Adolphus  – the gallery, museum, hospitality and retail workhorse.

For more information and pricing on the Adolphus range.   Email or call 1300 473 507