Lighting up the Meat Market, bluebottle installs Color Kinetics…

Photos: Shayne Hill, Xtreme Visuals

The City of Melbourne’s Meat Market, the iconic heritage listed building in North Melbourne recently saw the installation of 32 Color Blast Powercore RGB fixtures controlled with an iPlayer 3 and integrated with a Dynalite control interface.

The new additions in both the Flat Floor Pavilion and the Cobblestone Pavilion provide the dynamic lighting capacity to complement any of the building’s wide ranging creative and cultural uses. Whether a performance, a market, corporate event, conference or sit down dinner, the lighting can be tailored to provide a lighting effect or ambience specific to any client requirement. READ MORE

We are always happy to discuss the use of Color Kinetics fixtures to light your internal or external project. Call 1300 473 507 or EMAIL