Mischief Making in the M Pavilion!

Culturally, light bonds us all. To welcome 2018 we will host a series of events which explores this concept.

We have scoured the world for live acts that celebrate LIGHT, the most beautiful expression of physics, and invite you to join us at the iconic M Pavilion!


Featuring a secret international music act…


Tuesday 6 February 2018, 6:00pm – 10.00pm M Pavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Road


You may build my body, and taint it with your scars.
Build a tower around me, and block my view of the stars.
But your castle will have cracks, your ideology will have it’s flaws,
And through those cracks and flaws light will break down those doors!
I will live through light,
I will live for light,
I will tie these bows knowing that the rope that they are tied upon bind us all.
The rope is light!!