Botanic Gardens SA

Fixture supply, control supply, system design, commissioning   // bluebottle

Recently bluebottle worked closely with the The Botanical Gardens of South Australia Adelaide on an exciting new challenge: To light Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens during nighttime hours, without using any trenching or digging.

Over an 18 month period, bluebottle worked in close collaboration with the garden’s management to develop a custom battery powered, Wi fi controlled lighting solution allowing visitors to experience the garden in a new way. Our environmentally sustainable and flexible lighting system allows Adelaide’s garden oasis to transform by night and host a range of evening events including live music, art, film, historical tours and botanically inspired food tastings. Immersed within a natural sanctuary, visitors are now able to see, hear and feel the garden in a new light.

Bluebottle has relished this challenge and enjoyed finding appropriate technical solutions.